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As CT Media, we continue to work regardless of the concept of overtime in order to convey the latest news from the right source to you. Where there is news, there is CT News.


With the advertisement you will place on our site, you can share our daily average of 30 thousand clicks and expand your customer portfolio with mutual interaction. As we grow with you, you can grow your brand with us.


We represent you in the best way to promote the services you offer to your customers in your business and to show all your guests that you have adopted the principle of reliability and honesty.


We appeal to viewers from all walks of life with our TV programs in which we deal with current agenda topics, and with our new program formats, we ensure that the audience is aware of current issues without tiring their minds. 


We keep you up to date with the full content of our weekly political newspaper, and enable you to celebrate the day of your loved ones with the print media on special days (including religious and national holidays).


We follow the live broadcasts of the competitions in various sports branches with our comprehensive production, and we provide instant broadcasts in order to serve you in the best way. At the same time, we enable you to realize the positions in the best way with our live competition narrations.

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